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Our gallery features stellar examples of One-Sheet Comics and will update regularly so, check these out and stay tooned for more!

"The Grim Bard: A Grim Carol" by Lawrence Derks III
Lawrence Lee Derks III is the cartoonist and creator of "The Grim Bard." He graduated The Center for Cartoon Studies as a part of its 2011 class. There he learned the fundamentals of cartooning and how to survive in impossibly cold climates. He currently lives somewhere in northern Virginia where he continues to draw adorable comics about dying and death. You can see more of Lawrence's comics here!

"I Never Forget" by James Sturm
James Sturm is an Eisner award winning cartoonist and the founder of The Center for Cartoon Studies.  Among other works, James is the creator of Market Day, The Golem's Mighty Swing and James Sturm's America. When he's not holed up in his studio making comics or inspiring budding cartoonists, James can be found tearing up the basketball court.

"Hoodlums" by Nomi Kane
If you meet Nomi and you mention this site, she'll probably give you a copy of this One Sheet for free!

"Bat Tweets" by Josh Kramer
Josh Kramer makes comics that are usually very much not like this. His journalism in comics form can be found at

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