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The One Sheet Workshop site was born out of The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) alum, Nomi Kane's love of one sheet comics and CCS's traveling, live-action One Sheet Workshop.  Nomi is a nomadic cartoonist who currently lives and works in Berkeley, CA. She's been drawing all her life and self-publishes an ever growing litany of mini-comics. Nomi loves rock and roll, baseball and civil rights history. Nomi does her best to update her website, Brew for Breakfast, regularly. Questions, comments and feedback can be emailed to Nomi here.

The One Sheet Workshop template was designed and drawn by Center for Cartoon studies alum, Beth HetlandBeth enjoys spending her free time folding books, hunched over a drawing table and watching John Cusack movies in her pajamas. School of the Art Institute of Chicago alumna and graduate of The Center for Cartoon Studies are two ways people describe her, but she prefers 'up-and-coming-celebrity.' Visit her website here.