Terms and Tools

A smooth, oblong piece of bone or plastic that has one pointy and one blunt end.  Used for making precise, crisp folds. A spoon makes a great substitute!

A copyright symbol is a little circle with the letter "c" inside of it that notes the exclusive rights of the creator to copy, distribute or adapt an original work.  You should copyright any work you create.

When you're folding any number of pages together you'll find that the edges don't align absolutely perfectly - this is known as "creep".  You may want to adjust your margins to accommodate this phenomenon.  

Cutting away a shape from a piece of paper is known as die cutting.

Laying out your pages for print.  

Using a brush, nib or pen to go over your pencils in ink.

Margins are the blank space around the edges of your artwork. Panels are the boxes in which you draw your comics and gutters are the spaces in between your panels!

Drawing your artwork in pencil!

You know what scissors are!

A spoon can be used in place of a bone folder to help you get sharp, crisp folds.

"Stock" is the weight and thickness of your paper.

"Tabloid" and "Letter" are two standard sizes of paper.  "Letter" is 8.5x11 inches and "Tabloid" is twice as big at 11x17 inches.